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nice uplifting video

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found this on the internet. at work, we had a seminar for self-improvement and goals, and they made us watch this documentary about "the secret" of the law of attraction. interestingly, it was all the stuff my boyfriend had been telling me for the past 3 years, but in movie form.

u have to pay to watch the movie or buy the dvd, but they give u a free inspirational daily video.


today is the beginning of my new life
i'm starting over today
all good thigs are coming to me today
i am grateful to be alive
i see beauty all around me
i live with passion and purpose
i take time to laugh and play every day
i am awake, energized, and alive
i focus on all the good things in life
and give thanks for them
i am at peace and one with everything
i feel the love, the joy, the abundance
i am free to be myself
i am magnificence in human form
i am the perfection of life
i am grateful to be...
today is the best day of my life
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