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I have recently started trying to help myself

I have recently started reading self help books.I got out of an abusive relationship and moved out of my apartment.I am doing much better.Not drinking and stuff,i have a new apartment to look at next week.I would like my own place again,right now i am living in a shelter.
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am I selfish?

or just truly messed up? am I mean? I went to my therapist the other day and we talked about my perception of other people..I always imagine what they are thinking when I am around.. she tells me that people don't think the things I think they do.. fro example.. I was meeting a bunch of people for the first time.. I quickly imagined them looking me up an down and taking mental note of what I'm wearing, how well I did my makeup, how well I did my hair, my body type, etc. Doesn't everyone for the first time examine the people they are meeting? I know I do.. she says that thats the problem.. well.. I don't know how to stop! It's not like I point out faults.. I just take them in and learn from them.. the point being is if I think those things other people must think them. which just increasingly makes me nervous and more apprehensive around other people.. 


I have to say I am glad to have found this community. I have been searching since 8am this morning for a place like this (everywhere else seemed to be pro ana).
What I am about to write could get a little long, so to be on the safer side, I'm going to chuck it into a cut, just incase.

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Hi all. I'm new, and glad to be here--the world needs more communities like this.

I joined as part of my decision to recover from an eating disorder, which I have been struggling with for about 3 years. I've been in therapy for 2 of those years, and recently realized that I was only half-committed to getting better. And half isn't going to cut it.  I went through a severe relapse around Christmas, and barely evaded a stint in the hospital because of it. Since New Year's, I have dedicated myself, fully, to the long process of recovery--and I hope this community will help me along this path.

I think my major problem is my perfectionism. I am my biggest critic. If I can't do always it 100% right or look 100% perfect, it destroys me. I know I need to learn that I am good enough RIGHT NOW, regardless of how many As or Fs I make on papers or how thin I am.

I want to love myself, just as I am, inside and out.
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Quotes of the Day

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer. ~ Albert Camus

Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed. ~ Corita Kent

The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized - and never knowing ~ David Viscott

Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. ~ Swami Sivananda
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12 steps to raising your self esteem

Twelve Valuable Steps to Raise Your Self Esteem
® Katherine Fox, CCHT 2007

As adults, we can choose the messages we accept or reject. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."

Building high self-esteem is a process, not something you can develop overnight," says Jeffrey Keller. "Yet, I believe every person has the capacity of high self-esteem. The question is, are you ready to make a commitment to increase your self-esteem?"

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nice uplifting video

found this on the internet. at work, we had a seminar for self-improvement and goals, and they made us watch this documentary about "the secret" of the law of attraction. interestingly, it was all the stuff my boyfriend had been telling me for the past 3 years, but in movie form.

u have to pay to watch the movie or buy the dvd, but they give u a free inspirational daily video.

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today is the beginning of my new life
i'm starting over today
all good thigs are coming to me today
i am grateful to be alive
i see beauty all around me
i live with passion and purpose
i take time to laugh and play every day
i am awake, energized, and alive
i focus on all the good things in life
and give thanks for them
i am at peace and one with everything
i feel the love, the joy, the abundance
i am free to be myself
i am magnificence in human form
i am the perfection of life
i am grateful to be...
today is the best day of my life

Seeking women friends. Changes made Apr 26/06.


WHAT IS THE DREAM? I have 3 to 5 close female friends who are sister-like friends or mother-like friends or auntie-like friends. We meet one to one and maybe even in groups of 3 to 5.

WHERE DOES THE DREAM TAKE PLACE? Either all the time or mostly in the Greater Vancouver Regional District in BC, Canada.

WHEN DOES IT TAKE PLACE? We have contact whenever we decide but we get together in person anywhere from everyday to at least once every 6 months.

WHO'S IN THE DREAM? Women who value close female friendships and are from 27 to 78 years of age.

WHY TURN THIS DREAM INTO REALITY? To give and receive the good stuff in life. We have conversations, we help each other and we share activities together.

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"Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me turn my dream into reality?"

You can contact me in here or at either of my 2 personal live journals.......myplceofcomfort or ilikehindimusic

Thank you for reading and may you also go for your dreams.

PS: I am posting in this community because I stay home more than going out due to health challenges or preference. I'd like to go out more often. I'm open to meeting women who are home bound or bed bound.

Take care and bye for now.
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Hi Maintainers.

I have more interest you could add to the list.

Middle aged, mid life crisis, assistance, beauty, bed bound, break up, home bound, challenges, changes, chronic illnesses, appearance, self care, hygiene, grooming, comfort, dreams, goals, females, women, friends, friendships, goal setting, happiness, health, healthy diets, exercise, help, honesty, inner child, inspiration, motivation, emotional intelligence, joy, learning, new beginnings, starting over, pain, emotional pain, suffering, passion, joy, psychology, ptsd, self help, soul, spirit, spirituality, therapy, uniqueness, thinking, transitions, addictions, self hate....

not sure how many that makes.

Next I'll post a promo in my 2 personal lj's. Any other member willing to follow me?

Bye for now.
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