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Hi Maintainers.

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I have more interest you could add to the list.

Middle aged, mid life crisis, assistance, beauty, bed bound, break up, home bound, challenges, changes, chronic illnesses, appearance, self care, hygiene, grooming, comfort, dreams, goals, females, women, friends, friendships, goal setting, happiness, health, healthy diets, exercise, help, honesty, inner child, inspiration, motivation, emotional intelligence, joy, learning, new beginnings, starting over, pain, emotional pain, suffering, passion, joy, psychology, ptsd, self help, soul, spirit, spirituality, therapy, uniqueness, thinking, transitions, addictions, self hate....

not sure how many that makes.

Next I'll post a promo in my 2 personal lj's. Any other member willing to follow me?

Bye for now.

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sore sore
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On April 22nd, 2006 03:13 am (UTC), ilikehindimusic commented:
Your welcome.

I have posted promos on my 2 personal lj's (once on the user info pg and also a entry). I posted on no_pity and waiting to hear from another community.

Can anyone come up with more interests for the interest list? Has anyone had a chance to promote?

Bye for now,

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