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Seeking women friends. Changes made Apr 26/06.


WHAT IS THE DREAM? I have 3 to 5 close female friends who are sister-like friends or mother-like friends or auntie-like friends. We meet one to one and maybe even in groups of 3 to 5.

WHERE DOES THE DREAM TAKE PLACE? Either all the time or mostly in the Greater Vancouver Regional District in BC, Canada.

WHEN DOES IT TAKE PLACE? We have contact whenever we decide but we get together in person anywhere from everyday to at least once every 6 months.

WHO'S IN THE DREAM? Women who value close female friendships and are from 27 to 78 years of age.

WHY TURN THIS DREAM INTO REALITY? To give and receive the good stuff in life. We have conversations, we help each other and we share activities together.

WHO AM I? A women of 43 years of age (I look/think/act younger than most women my age) who lives in Burnaby. Most of my family of origin live in the Greater Vancouver area and I've always lived here. Mom passed on when I was a teen. I'm a college diploma holder and I have not been in the workforce for a while. I'm of East Indian descent and influenced by many cultures. Child free (I don't hate children 8:) )and single. Instead of telling you all about who I am I prefer you find out as we go along. I might add to this later.

HOW DO I EXPRESS MYSELF? I like conversing and can discuss many topics. I share a rented suite with a former boyfriend (recently broke up) and will be moving to a place of my own within the next 5 months or sooner. I have a shy side. I also have health challenges and I'm on disability (I dislike the word, prefer health challenged). Some of my beliefs and behaviours are out of the box. I might add to this later.

HOW I'D LIKE TO START THE 'GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER' PROCESS? Emailing each other would be great and then let's decide from there how to proceed.


I will post all over the internet about my dream and at the end of my post I will ask.....

"Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me turn my dream into reality?"

You can contact me in here or at either of my 2 personal live journals.......myplceofcomfort or ilikehindimusic

Thank you for reading and may you also go for your dreams.

PS: I am posting in this community because I stay home more than going out due to health challenges or preference. I'd like to go out more often. I'm open to meeting women who are home bound or bed bound.

Take care and bye for now.
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