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Hi all. I'm new, and glad to be here--the world needs more communities like this.

I joined as part of my decision to recover from an eating disorder, which I have been struggling with for about 3 years. I've been in therapy for 2 of those years, and recently realized that I was only half-committed to getting better. And half isn't going to cut it.  I went through a severe relapse around Christmas, and barely evaded a stint in the hospital because of it. Since New Year's, I have dedicated myself, fully, to the long process of recovery--and I hope this community will help me along this path.

I think my major problem is my perfectionism. I am my biggest critic. If I can't do always it 100% right or look 100% perfect, it destroys me. I know I need to learn that I am good enough RIGHT NOW, regardless of how many As or Fs I make on papers or how thin I am.

I want to love myself, just as I am, inside and out.
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