Shannon Eileen (shannoneilleen) wrote in youlovingyou,
Shannon Eileen

am I selfish?

or just truly messed up? am I mean? I went to my therapist the other day and we talked about my perception of other people..I always imagine what they are thinking when I am around.. she tells me that people don't think the things I think they do.. fro example.. I was meeting a bunch of people for the first time.. I quickly imagined them looking me up an down and taking mental note of what I'm wearing, how well I did my makeup, how well I did my hair, my body type, etc. Doesn't everyone for the first time examine the people they are meeting? I know I do.. she says that thats the problem.. well.. I don't know how to stop! It's not like I point out faults.. I just take them in and learn from them.. the point being is if I think those things other people must think them. which just increasingly makes me nervous and more apprehensive around other people.. 

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